Monday, February 29, 2016

CAASPP Chromebook Update!

The AIRSecureTest App, used for Interim and Summative CAASPP Assessments is now compatible with Version 48 of the Chrome Operating System that is on our newest Chromebooks. The AIRSecureTest App has been pushed out to all Chromebooks. However, a random sampling of recent deployed carts at different school sites revealed that while most devices have the app, there are some devices where you may see the following message.

Any device with this message needs to be reported to the tech team via helpdesk ticket so we can make some changes to ensure access to the AIRSecureTest App. Please include the cart number and device number in your ticket.  

Before you plan on administering interim assessments on these recently deployed Chromebook carts, I recommend teachers complete the following steps with their students.

1) Following a regularly planned lesson using the Chromebooks, have students completely sign off the device.

2) Direct Students to click on the Apps in the bottom left hand corner, next to Shut down.

3) If students see AIRSecureTest as shown in the picture above, the device will be ready to use for Interim testing. If they receive the message that the app can not be downloaded, please note the device number and complete a helpdesk ticket.

Now that you have verified that all your devices in your newly deployed carts are ready, be sure to follow the steps described in this previous blog post when you are ready to administer the Interim Assessments on the Chromebooks.

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