Monday, August 21, 2017

08212017 Technology Update: Lexia, Aeries Interface, and Aeries Communication

Lexia for K-5 - Ready to go!

The Lexia databases have been updated K-5 teachers. Teachers will find that  classes have been set up and students can begin testing. We are still working on middle school classes, so 6-8 teachers please do not begin using Lexia with your students until further notice.

Teacher login to Lexia:

  • Username: District email address
  • Password: If you do not remember your password, click on the link “Forgot password” and create a new password. Passwords should be the same as last year.

Student login to Lexia:

  • Go to the Lexia login in the bookmark folder on the Chromebooks
  • Username is student email – yes, the entire address (please do not change this or create new accounts for students, the automation will delete these accounts)
  • Password is 5 digit perm ID
Please note - the Technology department is working on the final stages of Single Sign On (SSO).  This means that when a student logs onto a Chromebook, they will be logged into Lexia without typing this login information a second time.

New Aeries Interface

As many of you have noticed, the user interface (UI) has changed when you log into Aeries. The older interface was no longer supported and it was critical that we move to the new look and feel with added functionality. We realize that it takes a little time to learn the new navigation, but the basic features remain the same. To assist with this new learning, please visit the Technology department support page at for a PDF file and links to videos on how to navigate this new environment. Also note, Aeries should be used with the CHROME browser and not Internet Explorer. The Gradebook in Aeries has not changed. If you need an Aeries training refresher, please fill out the online form located at so we can determine future training needs.

Aeries Communications

Aeries Communications is the new “Parentlink” (and Remind, and Facebook, and Twitter, and just about any other social media tool!) for Washington Unified. It will be added to Aeries and allows you, as a teacher, to send Direct Messages to individual parents and small groups and to create private or public groups for sharing with our school and family communities. The Aeries Communications service will replace such apps as Remind, Instagram, and other non-district supported means for communicating with families.

If you are a parent of a Washington Unified student, you can log into the Aeries Parent Portal and click on the “Communications” tab to see your parent profile. To make changes to your profile, take a look at the Technology Support for Parents page on the WUSD website.

The Technology department will work with site administrators over the next two weeks to develop best practices and protocols for teachers using Communications, set up site training for teachers from the Technology department, and continue to offer evening and morning sessions for families to receive training on how to communicate through Aeries Communications. More information to follow next week!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Illuminate Google SSO is Here!

Our transition to Illuminate Google Single Sign-on was completed this evening for teachers, specialists, and administrators. Your previous username will no longer provide access to Illuminate. All Illuminate usernames have been updated to match your complete WUSD Email Address (

You will notice a new Sign in with Google Button when visiting (Chrome is the supported browser). Click on the Red Sign in with Google button and you will be asked to verify your WUSD Email Account and then you will be taken directly to your Illuminate dashboard.

If you experience any difficulties accessing Illuminate, please complete a helpdesk ticket, marked Illuminate at

Thursday, August 10, 2017

#CreateA11y @ WUSD 081017

Today marks the launch of Create Accessibility @ WUSD! As previously mentioned in the 8/8/17 WUSD Communications email distributed district-wide there are a number of new digital guidelines we need to adhere to that require us to focus additional time on the accessibility of our digital communications and content. In an effort to help build awareness, knowledge and skills throughout the WUSD Community and ensure that our digital content meets accessibility guidelines you can expect to receive an CreateA11y update every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month throughout the 17-18 school year. These updates will include information, tips, and tutorials on things you can integrate into your digital workflow to ensure your digital content meets accessibility guidelines.

Monday, August 7, 2017

WeVideo @ WUSD

Looking to create videos during the upcoming School Year? WeVideo offers a collaborative, secure, cloud-based video creation and editing platform for maximum creativity and display of learning. WeVideo is available to All Teachers, Students, and Staff.  Interested in creating Book Trailers, Webcasts, Tutorials, Digital StoryTelling Projects, and more?  Here's a few very short videos to help  get started with using WeVideo during the the 17-18 school year.

Getting Started with WeVideo.

  1. Visit and Click Log In.
  2. Choose Sign-in with Google
  3. When prompted, choose your WUSD Google Account.
  4. First time visitors will be prompted to answer a few questions. You can skip these if you choose.
  5. Welcome to your Dashboard.

Ready for your First Project?

Here's a brief introduction to get you started.

How to Create a Group

For Teachers. It is recommended that you create a Group for your classes.  Groups provide visibility, options for shared media, and will make it easier to provide feedback throughout the creative process.

Adding Students to Your Group

What will you and your students create this year? I can't wait to see! Check out our YouTube Channel, WeVideo Playlist for monthly WeVideo Tips & Tricks. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

0817 Google Updates

Welcome to our first monthly Google update.  Google is always adding new features and updates and it can be hard to keep track. The first of every month, we'll be bring to you a short update of the best Google updates for your workflow and/or classroom. In this August 2017 episode, I'm sharing a few Google updates you may have missed over the summer and Spring.

  • BREAKING NEWS!! 10 Ways We're Making Google Classroom & Forms easier for Teachers Just released this morning & didn't make the video cut for August but too good not to share here!
  • Google Forms
    • Change Default Options
    • Checkbox Grid Options
  • Google Sheets
    • Explore & Update Features
  • Google Earth
    • Available on Chromebooks
  • Google Voyager
    • Place-based stories that are updated weekly
  • Google Classroom & Hapara Sync (COMING VERY SOON!)
    • WUSD Tech will be provisioning your Google Classroom using Aeries Data
    • Sync your Google Classroom to Hapara Teacher Dashboard
    • More info to come!!
  • Complete Show Notes are available.
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