Thursday, February 11, 2016

Using Chromebooks for Interim & Summative Assessments

Using your Chromebooks for CAASPP Interim & Summative Assessments requires a different procedure to access the AIRSecure App than what you may be used to using the Computer Lab.

Following these steps will ensure connectivity to our wireless network when using the AIRSecure App in the required kiosk mode. These steps are outlined in this screencast and are also available in written form.

All Chromebook carts deployed before 2/5/16, including School Site shared carts purchased with title monies, will work for CAASPP testing, both interim and summative testing.

Currently, all Chromebook carts deployed after 2/5/16 will not work for CAASPP testing. This is a known problem related to both the AIRSecure App and how Google provisions new Chromebooks. CAASPP is currently testing the AIRSecure App for compatibility with the newer Chrome OS and there are pending requests with Google to disable the auto-update feature during provisioning. Launching the AIRSecure App on these new Chromebooks will result in an compatibility error message. All districts will recently purchased Chromebooks are currently experiencing this issue and we are unable to provide a timeline for resolution at this time. We are actively monitoring this situation and will let you know of any updates.

If you have any questions about using Chromebooks for Interim & Summative Assessments, please let us know. The tech team is here to support you and your students.

Update (2/29/16): The AIRSecure App is now compatible with the new Chrome OS on the recently deployed Chromebook carts. This CAASPP Chromebook Update contains recommendations to check these devices in advance to ensure connectivity.

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