Friday, September 16, 2016

New Google Sites

Just a few years after first getting the internet as a kid, I remember very clearly receiving HTML for Dummies as a gift from my parents in 1996. I was excited at first but 11-year-old me was quickly disappointed by how difficult and painstaking coding in HTML actually was. 20 years later, creating a webpage has never been easier with Google’s introduction of New Google Sites.

Instead of learning new language and unforgiving syntax, the new Google Sites allows for simple dragging and dropping of elements, resizing of pictures, and most appealingly easily accessible navigation. Now, not only can teachers create good looking websites to share with kids and parents and the community, but now children can too. Best of all, it fully integrates with the rest of the Google Apps, so you can embed YouTube videos, Maps, Slides, Docs, Sheets, or Forms right into your webpage.

The best part of Sites is that, like Google’s other great products, it will update over time and only improve.

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