Thursday, May 10, 2018

2017-2018 End of Year Procedures for Technology

The technology equipment at your school is district-owned and has been assigned to your site and to each room. Do NOT move technology (desktops, monitors, Elmos, projectors, or laptops) from the present location as it has been inventoried and assigned to the room.

The Technology Team will check all classroom equipment against the current inventory as part of our summer preparation for the next school year.
  • All SMART Boards - including cables, pens and power supplies - are to remain in their current location within the room.
  • Laptops will be checked in by the site administrator as part of the checkout procedure. Leave the laptop in your classroom with the power supply.
  • If you are moving sites or classrooms, do not move the equipment.
  • Leave networked computers (desktops) and printers plugged in. Computers must be plugged in and turned on in order to receive updates and monitors should be turned off.
  • All personal devices must be removed during summer break.
  • District issued teacher Chromebooks can be taken home for the summer and do not need to be checked out - they are assigned to you, not the room or site. If you are moving sites or classrooms, take your Chromebook with you.
  • Chromebook and Windows carts are to be left in the classroom - locked and plugged in. Do not remove any equipment from a cart of mobile devices (laptop, Chromebook or tablet).


Computers are re-imaged and repaired over the summer and in some cases, replaced.  All user data should be backed up on storage devices (such as a USB drive), to your H-Drive, or to your Google Drive.  If you save files to the desktop on your classroom computer, you must move them to your H-Drive or Google Drive as they will be deleted during the re-imaging process. It is recommended that you store all of your documents in Google Drive in order to have access throughout the summer. Everything you store on your H-Drive will be available when you log on in August. If you need assistance, please submit a ticket at
PC laptops and other devices will not be available for checkout this summer. Every teacher has been issued a Chromebook for use in classrooms, professional learning, and planning. If you are a certificated employee who works directly with students and you do not have a district issued Chromebook, please complete this form:

Monday, April 30, 2018

Digital Citizenship Lessons and Technology Survey

Just a reminder that you will need to teach your grade level digital citizenship lesson from Common Sense Media prior to the end of the school year. Visit the WUSD Digital Citizenship website for quick access to the Common Sense Media lessons on digital citizenship. The website contains lessons that must be taught at each grade level to comply with the Internet safety mandate linked to E-Rate funding. Once finished with the lesson, you will want to complete the embedded Digital Citizenships Teacher Verification form.
E-Rate is a federally funded program that provides discounts to assist schools to obtain affordable Internet access and telecommunications services. A requirement of E-Rate is that students are taught Internet Safety Education Requirements outlined in the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Over the past three years, the district has applied for and started receiving over $700,000 in discounts on data transmission and Internet access and upgrades to cabling and equipment.  Failing to teach the required Digital Citizenship lesson could jeopardize funding yet to be received and future access to our 80% discount.
Common Sense Media is the district adopted curriculum to teach our students about Digital Citizenship. It is a free site that requires teachers to create an account in order to download the materials. The lessons also include information that can be sent home to families about the topics discussed in class. Most lessons do not require technology, so access to devices should not be a barrier for classrooms.
Finally, if you did not have an opportunity to provide feedback to the Technology Department survey a couple of weeks ago, please do so this week. We value your feedback and will use your data to inform future decision making on classroom technology needs.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Reset Chromebook Resolution

Control + Shift + 0 to reset Chromebook resolution


Not seeing everything on your Chromebook Screen? 

Reset your Chromebook Resolution with Control + Shift + 0

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring BrightBytes Survey Collection is Underway!

Washington Unified has partnered with BrightBytes, an educational research and analytics organization, to survey students, teachers, and administrators to learn more about our technology use for student learning. The data being collected is part of Goal 1 of the Local Control and Accountability Plan that is focused on the 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and citizenship.

The survey opened on March 5 and will remain open until March 23. The Brightbytes survey can be completed by visiting Students and Teachers can also find a link to the survey by logging into the Apps Portal.

All students in grades 3-12 and all teachers and administrators are required to take this 5-10 minute, anonymous, and adaptive survey.

Be the first school to have 100% completion and win a special prize from the Technology department! The survey is open now and will close on Friday, March 23.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Finding CAASPP Resources is as easy as 1, 2, 3....

The next time you login to our Apps Portal, you'll notice a new CAASPP Resources Folder.  The resources in the folder are numbered for easy access and reference

01 - Test Administrator Interface.  The go-to place to administer interim and summative assessments.

02 - Interim Assessment Reporting System.  If you have already administered interim assessments, you can go here to view results.

03 - Interim Assessment Viewing System.  Go here to preview any Interim Assessments

04 - TOMS. (Test Operations Management System).

05 - PRACTICE & TRAINING TESTS.  (Not to be confused with Interim or Summative Assessments.) This is the test administrator site for any practice or training tests. 
Note: Students in grades 3-8, 11-12 have an SBAC Practice icon also available within their portal.

06 - TIDE Completion Status. Allows site level CAASPP administrators to manage successful completion of Summative Assessments.

Digital Library - contains instructional resources and more.

We will be adding additonal How To resources to this portal over time. 

Check out our Apps Portal Playlist if you need help setting up your portal account.

If you have any questions about utilizing these resources, please contact your Assistant Principal, your Site CAASPP Coordinator.  If you have any difficulties accessing any of the CAASPP sites, please complete a helpdesk ticket.