Thursday, October 10, 2019

Whoopsie Daisy - You've finished Lexia


If your student receives this "Whoopsie Daisy" message when logging into Lexia, it means that they have finished Lexia. 

We encountered this with a 5th grader from Mrs. Gonzales' class at Riverbank and thought it was a log-in or password issue. 

Upon further research we discovered that the student is listed as "finished" in the status area - see the image on the left.

This is a new one for us!  We asked the teacher to consult with the other 5th grade teachers on her campus to see if they have faced this issue before.  According to the Lexia helpdesk, the student's progress can be reset so they can continue, but they will no longer advance - they'll just be doing more of the same work until they finish it again.

Have you experienced this before?

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Gmail-Calendar Migration Tip of the Day #29

Do you ever write an email in advance but schedule it to send in the future?  For example, I wrote this email  AND sent this email yesterday, even though it wasn't actually sent until 6:00 a.m. this morning!

Gmail now offers Scheduled Send.  Here's how.

  1. Compose your email
  2. When you want to Schedule Send, Click the down arrow next to the Send button.
  3. Choose one of the selected times or, pick date & time.

If you want to see any of your scheduled emails before they are sent you can select the Scheduled Label "Folder" and see any scheduled emails.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Gmail-Calendar Migration Tip of the Day #28

New Feature Alert! More Options now available in Gmail via Right Click (or 2-finger Click on a Chromebook)

You now have even more options for managing your emails straight from your Gmail inbox.

Here's how.

  1. Go to your inbox and hover over an email on the list and right click on your mouse.  Or, if on a Chromebook, do 2-finger click on the touchpad.
  2. You'll see an updated menu showing new options such as responding, deleting, moving, applying labels, searching and lots more without even opening up the email.
  3. Make your desired selection and you'll be managing your inbox with fewer clicks.

Right click menu options on Gmail messages

This new update is rolling out to all accounts in our domain.  If you don't see it first thing this morning, check back later to enjoy this new feature.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Gmail-Calendar Migration Tip of the Day #27

Have you noticed and tried Google Hangouts yet?

Hangouts is a text and video chat application that provides an alternative mode of communication beyond email.  It lives in your Gmail under the labels on the left sidebar menu. A quick question via hangouts text can sometimes prompt a quicker response than an email.  You can also create groups in Hangouts for easy group chat communication.  Hangouts also offers video options, including screen sharing which can be a great option for live, remote communication with up to 25 people.  

Ready to give Hangouts a try?  Here's how.
  1. Click on the + Next to your name.
    Name with a + sign
  2.  Type the name of the person you'd like to communicate using Hangouts with and Invite.  If you're practicing Hangouts for the first time, I'd recommend partnering with someone nearby.
  3. This will send that person an invite that will appear as a pop-up message that you would like to chat with them.
  4. Once, they accept the invite, you can type your message for real-time text communication.
All the people and groups that you regularly use hangouts with now appear on a list on the bottom left of your Gmail labels for future communications.  If you want to learn even more about Hangouts, check out Google Hangouts Support.
Left gmail menu bar

Monday, February 11, 2019

Gmail-Calendar Migration Tip of the Day #26

Question Mark surrounded by multi-colored circle 
Have you checked out GSuite Training recently? It lives in all Google products in the top right corner when using Chrome and provides short, personalized tutorials on various topics relevant to the Google app you are in. It has a search feature and is the go-to place to not only find answers to your Gmail (or other Google app) questions but will also walk you through step-by-step how to complete the desired task.

You may have experienced one of these tutorials in previous daily tips but if you're new to GSuite Training, here's an overview of Gmail (0:28) that will provide you a taste on how GSuite Training works.