Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hapara Update: Create Your Own Classes

Red Square around Text that says + Add ClassReading Specialists, Language Specialists, Resource Teachers, and any teacher working with students who may not be rostered to you during Designated ELD or Afterschool...Great News!! You can now create your own classes in Hapara.  The classes created for you by Aeries will remain and  now you can create classes to meet your needs and take advantage of all that Hapara has to offer with all your students you work with on a regular basis.  Here's how:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose Add Class .
    Red Box around text that says +Add Class
  3. Name Your Class  > Create Class. I recommend adding 16-17 to your Class Name for when the class is archived over the summer. 
    Create a New Class with Name Your Class 16-17
  4. Add Learners to Your Class. 
    Red Circles around +Add Learner, Search, and Copy
    Add caption
You have several options to add learners. You can search for them via email username and add them. If some of the learners are already in one of your existing classes, I suggest visiting the class info page and selecting those learners, copying them to your clipboard and adding them here.  Then click add learners and you are done!

At any time, you can return to the class info page and add or remove learners.  Keep in mind it will generally take newly enrolled students 1 day to appear in Hapara in order to add them to a class.  Our early morning sync with Aeries continues and will automatically add newly enrolled students into classes they are rostered to 24 hours after initial enrollment.

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