Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Google Play for Education. Part II

Monday's post, Google Play for Education Part I, provided background information on the Google Play for Education store. This post is designed to provide you step-by-step directions on accessing the Google Play for Education store and pushing out WUSD approved apps to your students on an individual, small group, or whole class basis.

How Teachers Can Access the Google Play for Education Store.

1. Visit You will need to be logged into your WUSD Google Account to access the Google Play for Education Store. If you are logged in and still see an error message stating you need authorization to view, please send me an email so you can be granted access.

2. Find a App you want to learn more about. (3 methods)

  • Use the Search Bar
  • Search just Chrome Apps
  • Click on the name of the App

3. Review the app within the Google Play for Education Store to ensure it works on Chromebooks or Chrome desktop browser. GeoGebra is used as an example here.

4. Before you Install, teachers need to verify the app meets our student data privacy guidelines by visiting the WUSD Vetted Apps & Websites list. 

GeoGebra falls within the Approved column so now I'm ready to push out the app to my students. If your app doesn't appear on the list, please submit it for review. If your app falls into one of the other categories, you need to follow the directions outlined in the Technology Update 12/16/15 post before pushing it out to students.

5. Click install.

6. If installing a WUSD approved app for an individual or small group of students, type in their names or email addresses in the box and then click install. (For whole class, see step #7 to avoid typing in the names of all your students.)

7. To push out a WUSD approved app to your entire class, I recommend visiting Hapara ( to obtain the emails of your students. You can copy (Control + C) the list from Hapara and paste (Control + V) them in the box shown above.

  • Visit
  • Click on the class folder that you wish to push out the approved app
  • Click on Class Info Tab
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate Student Address List
  • Highlight List, Copy (Control+C) and Paste (Control+V) in

  • Click Install
Whatever method you choose to push out WUSD Approved Apps to your students, it is recommended that you do it 24 hours before you plan on using it with students to ensure delivery to everyone in advance of your lesson. The apps will appear in students app launcher when logged into their WUSD Google Accounts.

Remember, if you don't see an app on the list that you'd like to use in your class, please submit it for review.

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