Friday, October 16, 2015

Digital Citizenship Week: Your Digital Footprint

What does your digital footprint reveal?

Looking to KickStart your Digital Citizenship Lessons in your classroom? Next week is a great time to talk with your students about staying safe online and how to evaluate what's true and not true online. Here are some lesson ideas from Common Sense Media for Digital Citizenship to get you started thinking about your digital footprint.

Primary Students:
Follow the Digital Trail. This lesson will teach students what information is appropriate to put online in an age-appropriate way by comparing the digital footprints of fictional animals. Lesson materials include a video and family tip sheets. All materials are also available in Spanish for our bilingual classes.

Intermediate Students.
Digital Citizenship Pledge. This lessons have students working collaboratively to create norms for responsible online behavior. What will your class motto be about digital citizenship?

Secondary Students. 
Trillion-Dollar Footprint. This lesson explores the concept of a digital footprint and how it can be helpful or have real-world negative consequences to one's image. There is a chance for students to consider their own digital footprints now and in the future. Lesson materials include lesson plan and student video.

All of these lessons and much more are available for free from Common Sense Media. I recommend taking a moment and quickly registering for the site so you can download exactly what you need and will also ensure you receive periodic updates from Common Sense with ideas for your classroom and families. If you want to be recognized publicly for your efforts teaching digital citizenship, be sure to view the application process for becoming a Digital Citizenship Certified Educator. You are already doing great things in your classroom in this area, here's your chance to be recognized for your efforts.

Stay tuned to this blog space next week for more lesson ideas to celebrate Digital Citizenship Week.

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