Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Illuminate Lightning Grader is Here for 2017-2018!

Assessments in 17-18 just got easier with Illuminate's Lightning Grader (LiG)! If you were previously printing bubble-type answer documents for student assessments, you now have MORE options for questions type besides multiple choice. Lightning Grader replaces the GradeCam scanner in Illuminate and brings more choices and options for both test creation and grading.

Here's some highlights of the changes:
  • Create flexible assessments with M/C, rubric, short answer & more on a single answer document and LiG will scan students hand-written responses.
  • You can print multiple answer documents on a single page! Great for exit tickets and short quizzes!  You could even laminate and reuse.
  • You can see the answer document as it is scanned!
  • You can now upload a scanned .pdf file with 100 student answer documents. Great workflow with our Canon Copiers.
  • Chrome is the supported browser for Lightning Grader.

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