Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hapara: Decode & Rename Your Class

When you login to Hapara at www.teacherdashboard.com, you'll notice an alphabet soup of numbers and codes for each class on your dashboard. Here's what they mean and how you can create custom names for all your classes.

Elementary teachers have it easy as their class folder is shown as:
Grade - Teacher Name - School Year

Secondary teachers see the following:
School Code - Teacher # - Teacher Name - Course ID - Section ID - Course Name - SY
Why the length? It's to avoid duplicates and ensure data consistency and integrity with our Aeries integration. For example, since there a lots of English 6 classes district-wide taught in different locations, times, and by different teachers, this alphabet soup creates a unique name each and every time.

But you can make this much more user-friendly. You can easily go from this:
Long coded folder name with red circle around pencil.to this.
short class name Elective A Day with red circle around pencil.
Just click on the pencil and give your class a new descriptive nickname minus all the Aeries codes and click Save. You even have the choice of color-coding your classes as well.  

class nickname at the top, squares with different colors, and a save button.

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