Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Synergyse with your Chrome Browser

Are you seeking short tips for how to do various things in Google Drive? Or perhaps you're working in Google Docs and want to translate a document? Maybe you wish someone or something would demonstrate step-by-step how to perform a particular task within our new Google environment. We have a solution for all these scenarios.

Introducing Synergyse! Synergyse provides short personalized, responsive, and interactive tutorials within the Google environment. Working in Google Drive? Click on the Training menu and you'll see short tutorials just about Google Drive. Can't find what you're looking for, use the search menu.

Working in Google Docs? The training menu changes and reflects tasks specific to Google Docs. Working in Google Classroom? The training menu responds to your environment and will only show you topics related to Google Classroom.

To access Synergyse, you must log in to the Chrome browser using your WUSD Google Apps Account. Here's how:

1. Open the Chrome Browser

2. Click the Hotdogs, then Settings
3. Click Sign in to Chrome

4. Enter your full WUSD email address and password. Click Sign in and you are signed into Chrome.

5. To activate Synergyse the first time, go to Click on the Waffle (Apps Launcher) and go to Google Drive.

6. Once in Google Drive, wait a moment and you'll see WUSD Training appear. Click on Training to get started!

We think you'll like Synergyse with the just in time support. However, Synergyse is not just for teachers and staff. Students will also have access to Synergyse. As you're thinking of your procedures for the upcoming school year you may want to include Synergyse to your "Ask three before me" expectations when working within the Google environment. Students can access answers to their own questions at their fingertips. Just remember, you must log in to Chrome with your WUSD Google Account to access this tremendous resource.

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